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Keeping you informed - COVID-19

Friday 17 December 2021

To all our customers, shareholders, contractors, and staff, 

COVID Update for Yenda Group Branches 

We all need to remember that any Government Directive is only a MINIMUM standard and if these standards won’t protect ‘you’ and your fellow staff, then we need to maintain better safety practices.

As a result of Government directives, the Yenda Group of businesses will be continuing to follow the guidelines set out below:

Under WHS laws we have an Obligation and a Duty of Care to provide and maintain a SAFE workplace for All Employees. (This is to keep you and your family safe).

Victorian Branches

  1. Ensure everyone in attendance sign in (QR code).
  2. Keep 1.5m apart, follow socially distancing requirements and follow Covid19 requirements. 
  3. Carpooling is allowed as long as ALL occupants are Masked-up
  4. Customers’ vaccination status must be checked upon entry.
  5. All staff and customers must be Double Vaccinated to enter the premises.
  6. Masks still required indoors.
  7. Regular cleaning of common surfaces is to be maintained and recorded.
  8. COVID Safety Plan will still be in place. 


Reminder that these rules apply to ALL our Yenda Group Staff and Businesses – No Exceptions.

Monday 5 July 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

Please download the below resource for more information on our updated branch COVID-19 safety plan.

NorMac Rural COVIDsafe plan

Friday 1 August

To help protect the health of our staff and customers, we have recently made additional changes for visitors to our branches.

Entry into the branch is not allowed.

Please ring or email your orders in advance. If this isn't possible please wait in your vehicle, and a customer service officer will meet you to assist. Customers can utilise the drive through at our Baranduda store.

Our staff and customers are required to wear a mask at all times, service can be refused if the customer is not wearing a mask.

All of our delivery vehicles are thoroughly sanitised after each delivery. Thank you for your continued support.

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