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Pastures and Agronomy Products and Services

As a part of our service package we offer a specialised agronomy service to our valued clients. Darren McCormick has spent more than a decade dedicated to helping farmers make the correct decisions when investing in pasture improvements in a number of industries.

The majority of the pasture agronomy is done on your farm to help us understand both your business and then the best options for each situation. There are many and varied alternatives available that can be quite confusing. NorMac Rural aims to make the process as simple as possible with a definite focus on cost and profitability.

Agricultural Chemicals

Controlling problem weeds is a specialised field and can make all the difference to your chances of success when establishing or maintaining pastures. We can help with weed identification and the necessary treatments for almost any crop.

Nufarm Australia -
Dow AgroSciences -
Farmoz -
Crop Care -

Soil Testing

Soil testing is vital in ensuring you have success in establishing new crops or pastures. It gives you a snapshot of soil fertility and health and helps to maximise your return on investment. Fertilisers and limes are an expensive input for any operation and soil testing ensures you are not wasting time and money.

We offer alternative laboratories to suit your needs and offer independent advice on amendments required.

Pasture Renovation & Cropping

NorMac Rural has extensive local knowledge that plays an integral part in selecting the correct pasture or crop for your farm. Our range of crops and pastures includes forage brassicas, herbs, ryegrass, clovers, lucerne and forage cereals from a range of suppliers. Annually, we reassess or range to ensure we have the correct species on hand to work with any budget.

Typically, as a part of our service we offer we incorporate all aspects of agronomy including soil testing, fertilisers, weed control and pasture variety selection when planning a new pasture.

If you are planning a new pasture or crop at almost any time of the year, then please either contact us by email or call Darren on 0457 604 703 for more details.


Normac Seeds

“NorMac Seeds”  provides pasture and cropping products specially selected for local soils and climate. We have access to high quality seeds from Australia and New Zealand and take pride in ensuring we are able to provide productive and economic varieties. Regardless of your enterprise and needs we have the right option for you.

Our seed suppliers include:

PGG Wrightson Seeds -
Heritage Seeds -
Stephens Pasture Seeds -
Upper Murray Seeds -
Notman Pasture Seeds -